RX 365 is Ireland’s fastest growing dispensary management software solution.

We have designed RX 365 with the help of an extensive network of pharmacists to provide a fast, affordable and flawless system. Our technical and pharmaceutical expertise has enabled us to create a system with a wide range of key features:

Repeat full prescriptions with our unique one click option – “Repeat & Complete”

Preferred Generic/Brand dispensing made easy

Preferred Generic/Brand purchasing made easy

Fast prescription entry with out intuitive and easy to use screens with easy access to patient and drug information

“Dataviewer” – easy to use, modern reporting module. Customisable and standard reports on all aspects of your business

Easy search & view of patient drug history

Handle bonus stock, line discount and invoice discount without fuss

Verify and track prescriptions for claiming with ease

“Claim Defender” – unique to TouchStore – ensures you will be reimbursed for what you dispense

Fully automated nursing home medication management

Great on-line training videos help your staff learn the systems quickly

Tracking of inventory and drug usage history