Haven Pharmacy

Case Study Description

Haven Pharmacy is a group of independent pharmacists who are the fastest growing independent co-operative pharmacy group in Ireland with over 100 pharmacists, over 300 staff, practicing in urban and rural areas.

Haven use the TouchStore Retail 365 system to oversee their 52 stores centrally. This provides a massive advantage by enabling full reporting control from one location. Haven also take advantage of features such as:

  • Product Database – Maintenance of the product database for all shops at one headoffice. Reporting on all branches at head office.
  • Sales DataWhich can be viewed by cumulative or comparative for all stores
  • Stock performance – e.g. comparative returns from stock throughout the group
  • Clerk performance – for all branches or single branch
  • Department & Branch comparisons

These are just some of the many functionalities Haven use across all their 52 stores.